Klōs® is your canvas
Greater Surface Area = Greater Design Freedom

Zipr Shift Klos is your canvas

Make it yours

More Options to Customize Color & Finish
More options to customize color and finish with Klos than with current toothed zippers

Move the design where people will see it
Move the design where people will see it

no more lapped zippers! Zipr Shift's Klos is inherently watertight

No more lapped zippers!
The Klōs® is inherently watertight!

Add any texture to the zipper

Add texture to enhance surface quality & mimic materials!

Add your company branding to the zipper

See your brand on the zipper before reading the label!

Cover the zipper in fabric to hide it in plain sight

Cover with the garment fabric to hide the zips in plain sight!

Tired of choosing between plastic & metal?

Get the strength* of metal with no corrosion
get the strength of metal with no corrosion
*Strength meets or exceeds ASTM D2061 standards depending on material

Tired of paying for things that you can’t control?

End the profit-sucking zipper warranty & negative product reviews
no more zipper woes, zipper warranty, or bad reviews

All old-fashioned zippers are the same.
You have a better option now.

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